Positive Pressure Air Breathing Apparatus

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正压式空气呼吸器 Positive Pressure Air Breathing Apparatus (RHZKF Series)
类别 Type
RHZKF 6.8/30
RHZKF 9/30
填充气体 Filling Gas
空气 Air
使用时间 Usage Time
 ≥60分钟 (30L/min 呼吸时) ≥60 mins
(30L/min under breathing)
 ≥90分钟 (30L/min 呼吸时)  ≥60 mins
(30L/min under breathing)
总重量 Total Weight
9 Kg (不含空气)(exclude air)
9.5 Kg (不含空气)(exclude air)
相关认证 Related Approval
Approval of China's National Fire-fighting Equipment Quality Inspection Center
Filling Gas
材质 Material
碳纤维复合材料 (碳纤维全缠绕型)
Carbon Fiber Composite Material (Full-wrapped Carbon Fiber)
内容积 Water Capacity
额定工作压力 Service Pressure
水压试验压力 Test Pressure
重量 Weight
约4Kg (阀门重量除外)
4Kg approximately without valve
约5.3Kg (阀门重量除外)
5.3Kg approximately without valve
产品标准 Standard
Q/MT-02-2011 《呼吸器用复合气瓶》
《Composite Cylinder for Breathing Apparatus》


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Product Introduction:

Positive Pressure Air Breathing Apparatus

Positive pressure air breathing apparatus is a kind of isolation type breath protection equipment. RHZKF series products features light weight, small volume, convenient in operation and maintenance, comfortable for wearing, stable performance etc. which are the excellent personal breath protection apparatus and widely used in the application of fire fighting, petroleum, chemicals, metallurgy, power, shipping etc.

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