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How to Control Quality
2017-08-14 08:43

We think good and consistent quality will never happen randomly. In order for your specification to be achieved thoroughly, you have to implement a set of scientific quality control system. We employ a Total Quality Management method and let everybody in the production to take part in the quality. With our quality control system, you will feel peace in your mind.

Quality sample based
The quality from our mass production of your orders will be based on the samples you get from us at the beginning. We will keep the confirmed samples till production finish. When you confirm the samples, we will record the related production specification data like the pure latex percentage in the coating, weight, length and other special requirement by customers. And our production will be strictly based on the sample and the records. Our production staff, inspector, technician, packers, and salesmen use this sample evaluate quality during production period.

Liner quality assurance
We only purchase liners from quality suppliers with qualified knitting equipment. For the liners, we do some sampling inspection, checking specifications like length, weight, hem coverage, damaged yarn etc. We apply a strict fixed defective rate requirement that all of our liners must follow. When we receive the liners from our suppliers, we will check a few bags, and if we found the defective rate is above our criteria, we would ask the suppliers take them back and pick all defectives out. After they redo these liners, we will check again until the liner quality meets our requirement.

Technician for Quality
Technician plays a big role of the quality control during production. Our technician operate production lines, so they fully understand how the production line works.They can tune the production line to output a better quality. They have a complete control over the production line and the coordination responsibility of production staff, so they can easily solve problem when production goes wrong. We try to cultivate an environment that encourage them to make good use of their talent, to come up with good idea to improve the quality.

Packers for quality
Packers pack the goods piece by piece, and they take another eye on the quality. If they found noticeable defectives during their packing process, they would pick them out. Although their main responsibility is glove packaging, they do play a role on the quality control.

Inspectors for quality
Our inspectors are mainly responsible for checking the finished goods. They are trained not only having a holistic quality view, but also paying their attention to details. They check the finished goods and make comparison with original samples. Their inspection is not only during production but also after the whole order is finished. Their responsibility also includes checking if the packing manner is done correctly.

Salesmen for quality
Salesmen takes responsibility for overall quality. Their work is not finished after getting your orders. They take a close watch on the quality during the whole process from getting your order to the time you receive the goods. They are responsible for your orders completely and correctly produced. If they found any problems and any bias from the original quality during production, they have right to ask production stop and correct the problem. Only Salesman have a thorough understanding of what exact quality our customers want, so it's a must to let salesman to take part in the quality control.

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