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2017-08-14 08:43

Mission Statement
Our mission statement declares our company's purpose and why it exists, against which we weigh our actions and behaviors. It starts with our vision, usually 10 years.

  • To protect working people's hands by supplying durable gloves.
  • To supply value added and competitive work gloves to foreign customers and help them to succeed in their market.
  • Vision
    Our vision serves as our road map to future success. It is made based on our mission and defines what we need to accomplish in future. It gives us a 10 years expectation.

  • To be a full range of work gloves manufacturer.
  • To explore the creative gloves that is value added and other competitors do not have.
  • To supply value added work gloves to foreign customers.
  • To sharp our own brand in our domestic market.
  • To nurture long-term relationship with customers.
  • To be a great place to work where people are inspired to be the best they can be.
  • Live Our Value
    Our value is our compass which guides our actions.

  • Be real: This gives us a long term winning
  • Collaboration: Collective genius is much bigger
  • Be creative: Always looking for new possibility
  • Humanization: Be kind
  • Focus on Market
    We will develop our new products by researching the market to see:

  • If available products in the market need to be improved
  • If there are unsatisfied needs
  • If we can add value to current products
  • Competitive Advantage
    Having our own competitive advantage is a must for future success, which will ensure us a quick and stable growth.

  • Domestically, build and leverage a strong brand that signal a positive image. Durable, creative.
  • For exporting, try to lower the cost and develop some new products.
  • Make good use of employees' talent
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