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Printing and Packing
2017-08-14 08:42

This section is about how coated gloves are packaged in our factory. If you are quite new for coated gloves and wonder to get some general packaging idea, read the following information carefully which may be helpful to you.

Logo printing for coated gloves

Regarding logo printing, there are three ways that are available. They are Screen printing, heat transit, and washing label. Each of them has their own characteristic and cost.

Screen Printing
Screen printing is the most common way that is used to put your logo on gloves. Most logos are put on glove back area but only one color is allowed. You can put your logo, size information, CE mark whatever on it. But if you want to make a clear printing, make sure your printing content is big enough.

Heat Transit
Heat transit is mainly used in some high quality gloves. That's because customers don't allow the printing have any bad effect on brand image although the cost is a little bit higher. You can do multiple colors at one time. The cost depends on color variety. The disadvantage of using heat transit is that it attaches to textile not that hard like screen printing.

Washing Label
Washing label is sewed on hem, either inside or outside. It can also be one color or multiple colors. We ask the width of the label is no more than 3 CM.

Packaging for coated gloves

When it comes to glove packaging, there are many stuff we use as packaging materials. The following is almost a complete list that gives you a general idea. For each of these stuff, there are different grade of quality available and we need you confirm them when you give us inquiry.

User Mannual
User mannual is often inserted in individual poly bag or dozen poly bag. We can do one side printing, double side printing and color printing on it.

Hook is used to hang gloves. Different hooks are available, shape, color, material all for your choice.

Header Card
Header card is also used for hanging gloves. You can put your logo, size information whatever on it. The cost depends on the material used, size and color variety.

Some customers ask for individual poly bag which means one pairs are put in one poly bag. Usually 12 pairs of gloves are put in one poly bag. Of course you can have your own packaging quantity in one poly bag. For materials used, there are OPP and PE available. The cost depends on thickness.

Cartons are the most typical stuff that are used in glove packaging. You can ask your own packing quantity for each carton. We can do printing on carton that is either one color or several colors.

Display Box
Customers sometimes ask for display box. This packaging way is mainly for supermarket selling to attract attention although that is a big cost. When you inquiry us, make sure you give us detailed information like size, color variety, material, carton structure etc. so we can have an acurate cost calculation.

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