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About Samples
2017-08-14 08:42

How many pairs you can get for samples
We suggest each item is no more than 2 pairs. This is mainly the consideration of courier cost. The courier cost is counted by weight here. It is better to keep the weight under 0.5KGS in order to keep the shipping cost minimum.

How long you can get samples
If we have the samples that are currently available, we can forward them upon your requiring. But if these samples need to be made by hand, then it usually takes 3 days for us to make them.

Who takes the cost
If the sample quantity is no more than two dozen pairs, they will be free of charge. If the quantity is bigger, we will charge you based on the sample's actual cost. For prospective customers who haven't placed any orders, you need take the courier cost at the beginning. But after your first order is placed, we will take all the courier cost by ourselves if your samples are not too many.

What couriers we use
Available couriers in our local area are DHL, FEDEX, UPS and TNT. You can ask us to use the courier that is most convenient for you. At it's fast speed, samples can come to you within 4 days. Usually you get the samples no more than one week.

Hand made samples or samples from mass production
It is best to get you all samples that are from our mass production, but usually this can not be achieved completely. Hand made samples looks perfect than mass production, but it is hard for us to collect all samples from past productions that have as the same prices and quality as what you require. So when we send you samples, we will inform you which samples are hand made and which one are from mass production.

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