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  • How to Control Quality

    2017-08-14 08:43:37

    We think good and consistent quality will never happen randomly. In order for your specification to be achieved thoroughly, you have to implement a set of scientific quality control system. We employ a Total Quality Management method and le...

  • Mission,Vision,Value

    2017-08-14 08:43:09

    Mission Statement Our mission statement declares our companys purpose and why it exists, against which we weigh our actions and behaviors. It starts with our vision, usually 10 years. To protect working peoples hands by supplying durable gl...

  • Printing and Packing

    2017-08-14 08:42:40

    This section is about how coated gloves are packaged in our factory. If you are quite new for coated gloves and wonder to get some general packaging idea, read the following information carefully which may be helpful to you. Logo printing f...

  • About Samples

    2017-08-14 08:42:16

    How many pairs you can get for samples We suggest each item is no more than 2 pairs. This is mainly the consideration of courier cost. The courier cost is counted by weight here. It is better to keep the weight under 0.5KGS in order to keep...

  • FAQ

    2017-08-14 08:41:58

    Whats your MOQ? Our minimum order quantity for every item is 1000 dozen pairs. This quantity includes different sizes as long as all the sizes together account for 1000 dozens. For your every order, it is better for you to order at least a...

  • Quality and Price Policy

    2017-08-14 08:41:29

    Quality and price We produce you the quality with a certain price that matches your market need. Global market is not a one size fits all place, each market has its own condition which ask us to be high flexible to provide a tailored and fe...